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名曲千夜一夜物語-174~"You Are The Sunshine Of My Life"-Stevie Wonder-1973

Stevie Wonder – vocal, Fender Rhodes, drums

Jim Gilstrap – background vocal

Lani Groves – second lead vocal,

Gloria Barley – background vocal

Scott Edwards – electric bass

Daniel Ben Zebulon – congas



Sonny Stitt - Saxophones,

Ray Drummond– Bass

Smiley Winters– Drums

Ed Kelly - Piano

1976年"San Francisco"でのライブ演奏です。

"Sonny Stitt"は1940年代から活躍した奏者でDizzy Gillespie,Bud Powell,

Thelonious Monk,Gene Ammonsらと共演しました。

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